Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Great Black Hope

Far too many folk have placed their hopes in the arms of one administration, particularly, one man. Is it me, or does the notion that a sole individual can reverse the misfortunes of an entire nation seem absurd? It is as dangerous for any man to make that assertion as it is foolhardy for millions to believe it. America felt that once Black Jesus, a.k.a Barack was elected, the world would be a much happier place to live. Not only would there be a chicken in every pot, you would be allowed to smoke pot before you ate your chicken. Harold and Kumar would now be able to vacation on Guantanamo Bay without fear of dining on cock-meat sandwiches, gays would be able to marry openly in the army and the KKK and the Nation of Islam would conjoin as formidable opponents for Peyton and Eli in the Oreo Double Stuff league (“Farrakhan with an amazing move!”). Shockingly, none of this has occurred in the 365 days after President Obama’s election. WTF?!

Safe to say, our aspirations may have been a bit lofty. It is partly the fault of the current administration as they were the ones who played the ever-original political card of promising all things to all people for the sake of inaugural invites. The problem with playing on the hopes and dreams of the masses is that they will surely hold you accountable (although never hold themselves to the same fire for their own resolutions). The standards are set so high that Barack literally has to rid earth of debt, disease and make sure we never have to kneel before Zod in order to be considered a halfway decent Commander in Chief.

President Obama is not President Bush and we expected better. And even though we are getting much much much better, a Utopian society seems the only satiation for the people of earth. If the mentally challenged kid doesn’t pee on himself for a full day, we give him a cookie and print certificates of achievement for all to see. We may even elect him to a second term. If the straight A student suddenly gets a B+ in thermonuclear physics however, we condemn him and send him to therapy for he may now be “at risk”.

To all those wishing to vote Barack out of office for his economic inefficiencies, I would say pump your breaks, unless your breaks are made by Toyota in which case, turn the engine off, yank on the emergency break and jump out of the vehicle.
Voting him out may please the tea party in Virginia but will certainly have no effect on the price of tea in China, or your ability to afford it. To put things in perspective, Dubai is having cash flow issues for God sakes. Dubai!! The most decadent region on earth. This is the place where sheiks construct islands in the likeness of palm trees and their face. A place where the toilet paper is made of 24karat, gold encrusted, 100 euros. It used to be 100-dollar bills but currency exchange rates have caused only the lower middle class residents of Dubai to wipe with USD…peasants! If Dubai is broke (or breaking) then heaven certainly has a wing shortage and maybe we should be a bit more reasonable.

As it relates to the economy, most fail to realize that once you convert your marketplace to a global economy, recovery doesn’t necessarily have to take place in the same geographical region that the recession occurred. China and India are certainly doing better than they were 20 years ago so whose to say what a recovery looks like in a global market? We may not be in a recession at all. We may just be in a realization. And if that’s the case, we may need more than President Barack Obama to help us. A black man of a much higher power may be necessary in this instance. This looks like a job for Morgan Freeman!!


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