Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I seem to be recovering from a hangover of sorts. I have no idea what happened these past few months. Unlike the movie Hangover however, I had all my teeth when I woke up

and there were no naked Asians in the trunk (that is a friggin’ hilarious movie by the way!). In one morning, I ended up making a video for my blog, writing a blog, paying homage to the establishment by logging on to Hotjobs.com and resume wrestling with Wharton and Harvard MBA’s for the bookkeeping position at Chucky Cheese, connecting with friends and associates, checking my bbq lists, and a slew of other random shit, and all before 3pm (not on pace with the army’s to do list but not bad for me). Things I haven’t been able to accomplish in months are now complete. As some of you who read my blogs (thank you btw) may have noticed, by a lack of anything to notice at all, I have been bullshitting around for some time now. I have a plethora of viable reasons for not being able to work as of late, but as one of my mentors once told me “Nobody Cares.” I do, however, remember bits and pieces of the past few months that finally led me to get off my ass - so please, allow me to share. Frankly, you don’t have a choice because you are still reading this . . . still (thank you btw).

On a Thursday night in late April, I found myself surrounded by urban fashionistas with long beards and sexy shoes on Atlantic Avenue. WTF was going on?

Why is Mars Blackmon on the NBA finals, on my computer, in my music keyboard and I think I saw him tap dancing on my chest?

(Ladies, avert your eyes.) I think I may have just seen the biggest booty in a night club in my life. Fellas, discuss.

I have this old porno DVD and it seems to have gotten scratched in a terrible, non-affixation related accident (like I’m the first to make fun of David Carradine). After I wipe it clean, do you know who can repair it?

My momma used to constantly tell me “No one is better than you and you are better than no one,” or something like that. It was mainly meant to encourage me while keeping me humble. It partly worked (I’m working on the humble part but I’m so damn nice that I just can’t help it, see?). The unintentional portion of this parable is the “No One” you choose to associate yourself with and compare yourself too. If you are in pursuit of anything, it would behoove you to be in constant communicado with those who also share similar goals, in this case, the pursuit of economic independence visa vie entrepreneurial ventures. Nothing like a co-pilot, navigator, flock of birds, the North star, AND the direction the sun sets to help you stay the course. Cheers to all those making moves with more mistakes than money but learning along they way. Happy to be a member.


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